There’s something that I love about photographing families (so much, actually, that I am currently blogging about it at 3a.m.).

Spending time with families is great, and I could easily tell you how much I absolutely love to be welcomed into clients hearts and homes. I could tell you how much I absolutely love delving into their lives for just an hour or so and tickling toddler’s chubby bellies. I could tell you all of these things, but I wouldn’t be telling you about my absolute favorite part.

I take nearly 1,000 shots per session, and it’s not until I sit down and sift through each and every one of them that I really get a glimpse of the family’s dynamic and relationship. No, there’s nothing I love more than being the one that gets to explore and immerse myself in families’ still moments.

And the Newman family was no exception.

Smiles and lots of love,



  1. Jamie says:

    What a good looking fam!

  2. Christina says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!

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