I love this little girl. I love her momma. I love photographing this beautiful family. BUT, I have a love/hate relationship with Fall.

Yes, it’s beautiful… yes, I love shooting in the foliage… yes, it’s fun to play in the leaves. But Fall is hard. Fall means saying goodbye to the warmth of Summer. Fall means the cold Winter wind is just around the corner. Fall means that another season has gone by… (leave it to me to over complicate such a beautiful time of the year).

Regardless of my love/hate relationship with Fall, I feel so blessed to photograph this family… Always a joy.

Smiles and lots of love,



  1. Ali says:

    Your work is SO beautiful It inspires me everyday. :]

  2. Ashley says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Great color and emotion in all of them 🙂

  3. wow, the colors are so pretty. What a gorgeous family and session. And I totally understand what you mean about a love/hate relationship…I feel that too.

  4. maria says:


  5. Such a fun session! Amazing light and color.

  6. Sara Garcia says:

    Absolutely beautiful work!

  7. Amy Foltz says:

    What an adorable family! Love the happy moments you captured, and the color and light are amazing! Great job!

  8. I LOVE these! I’m jealous of your fall foliage and color…we don’t get much of that in Texas. 🙂

  9. Beautiful images…love the autumn colors…great job!!

  10. Dawn says:

    Absolutely love the fall colors and the way you edit…very natural and gorgeous lighting. Sweet family pics!

  11. crystal lynn says:

    Very sweet and beautiful photos!

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