If you were sitting here with me, basking in night owl glory, I would do my very best to explain to you how much I love lifestyle sessions.  Actually, the first thing I would do is make you a cup of coffee, because we’d have a long night.

I was greeted from the window.  A sweet little brown haired girl was waving at me with a big smile across her face.  Her momma welcomed me into their home with a warm smile as well.  You see, her momma and I clicked instantly through the emails we exchanged regarding the session.  This session truly was meant to be.  So yes, I was welcomed so sweetly into their home to capture their memories of baking together, and I enjoyed every minute of it, and them, and their slobbery dog (I’m seriously wanting an English Mastiff now).  I loved it how dad found Eleanor’s stories so comical and how mom didn’t tell Henry “no” when he asked for sprinkles in his oatmeal.

If you were sitting here with me at 1:30am on this chilly Tuesday evening (or Wednesday morning, you pick), I would do my best to explain to you that it’s the details of the ordinary everyday that are so easily forgotten, yet so incredibly precious.  I hope and wish and pray that these are the kinds of images that “my families” will treasure years down the road.  When their kids are grown with kids of their own, I hope photo albums are pulled out and the small details from the ordinary days spent together are remembered. If you were here with me now, I’d really try to tell you how close lifestyle sessions are to my heart. Today is a day you will never get back. Tomorrow your babies will be just a little older. So, treasure these simple moments today, because tomorrow will be here before you know it.




  1. Emily Boroff says:

    Alright. You made me cry.

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