Let me start by saying that I am a firm believer in plans. Yes, I believe in planning my days and sessions and what I’m having for dinner… but I am also a firm believer in His plan.  I believe that every single person enters my life for a reason.  They are part of my plan and maybe I’m part of their’s, too.  Meeting Brittni and Chase just confirmed that belief even further.  They are the kind of people that when you’re with them, all of your tribulations, whatever they may be, are lost.  See, their love is the rare kind…  The kind you may only witness once or twice in your lifetime.  It’s the kind that when you’re around them, you almost feel in love too. Euphoric, even.

So I arrived at the hospital early.  The forecast was strong thunder showers, but they never came.  In fact, it was quite a beautiful day (even though I’m sure that the weather did not have anything to do with that).  Brittni was strong and Chase was supportive.  Not being a mother myself, I am always incredibly amazed at the kind of vigor these women have, and I am equally awed at the kind of encouragement and comfort their men offer to them.  Brittni labored for nearly 25 hours before Arya Noelle made her grand entrance into this crazy world.  It wasn’t entirely the story that we had all envisioned, but it’s hers… It’s raw. It’s real… and I think it’s quite perfect. The birth of Arya Noelle.

Ayra Noelle Burnett

August 7, 2013


9 lbs., 13 oz.

20 1/3 inches long




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