My heart belongs to the children who show me their own through my lens… I don’t remember what we giggled about, but I remember the sound of our laughter. I can’t remember the stories that were spoken, but I know we had smiles on our faces. I can’t quite place our silent moments, but I know they were filled with thought.

I photographed somewhere around 500 children this year. Yes, I photographed them… but I strived to do so much more. I strive to capture them… I strive to capture their spirit. Their character. The true essence of their beautiful little selves. I want to see their smiles and hear their laughter and learn about their favorite ice cream and their best memory and their biggest fears.

Photographing children is nothing short of positively wonderful. You see.. I am privileged to meet them, fortunate to know them, and absolutely blessed to capture them… because the world looks better through their eyes.

And I can’t wait to do it again in 2014.

Happy New Year.





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