So, here we are.  And to be honest, I never thought I’d be here.

About six years ago, my sisters and I were lounging by the pool, which is about five feet from a cornfield. The corn was about as high as my hopes. I had just photographed my little sister for fun a few days prior. I had some sort of vision of her in a dance costume with striped tights and pigtails. Those quick photos taken with an old Kodak must’ve went okay because from that day forward, I was deemed the “family photographer”.

That day by the pool next to a cornfield, my sister persuaded me to beg my parents for a decent camera. She told me that I should open a business and I thought she was absolutely crazy. But sure enough, a few weeks later I was a a fifteen-year-old girl with an excited heart, camera in hand, and a secret eagerness to begin paying taxes. 😉 I promised my parents I’d pay them back for the camera. It took some time, but eventually, I did. My dream started so small, but it grew to something more amazing than I could’ve even fathomed… and it all started with a simple day and the decision to try.

It’s so strange to think that the biggest moment of my life happened while lounging on a pool chair next to a cornfield.  The thing is, though… I think every rural Ohio-raised girl knows that if you start with something small… if you plant it and nurture it… if you slave over it and pour yourself into it… with a lot of faith and a little bit of magic, it will grow.


I would like to announce that on Saturday, August 9th, I will be holding an open-studio from noon to 4pm in honor of my six years in business. Please stop in and visit!



  1. Renee Williams says:

    Congratulations Taylor, you are an amazing young woman. Be as proud of yourself as all of those who love you are.

  2. missy flahiff says:

    could you please send me info on your fees please. do we get s Cd disc! just let me know.also any holiday specials coming up.thank you

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