On my way home from class today, I drove under four or five flocks of birds that were all heading south. I don’t think I’ve ever been so envious of a bird before. When winter rolls around in Ohio, my heart is aching to head South. This snowy stuff is for the – err – well I guess it’s not for the birds. 😉

So I know things have been very quiet around here, but all in good reason. The past couple of weeks moved by incredibly slow, in the best way possible. They were packed full of family, holiday magic, miles of road, and endless sunshine. That’s the best way to sum it up, and what a perfect way to welcome in the new year. With the new year comes a fresh start. I love fresh starts… almost as much as I also love silly girls in pretty dresses.

I officially met this little lady down in sunny Florida over the holidays. I say “officially” because I feel like we met awhile ago, when her momma and I became friends via Facebook. I couldn’t help but to smile as I was photographing her, and when she asked me, “do you know what happens to bad guys?” and started giggling uncontrollably, well, I couldn’t contain my giggling either. I responded, “I don’t know… what happens to bad guys?” and she excitedly told me, “they go to JAIL!”… The things kids pick up on.

But our little conversation got me thinking. We know what happens to bad guys, but what happens to bad thoughts? You know, the things that steal our joy? Things that make us feel like we are lacking… Those joy-robbers need to go to jail, too. And stay there.

So, here’s to a fresh start, my friends. I hope your year is filled with JOY, and on the days that are a little less than that, I hope that you send the joy-robbers to jail and hang on oh so very tight to the joy.





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