Four months feels just a little heavy. I feel like this is a turning point; they are no longer “newborns”… no longer my little babies. Suddenly, every day is a new thing… rolling over, getting teeth, and sitting up. It feels like I am forced to let go just a little more each day. I suppose that’s what parenting is all about. Our pastor says that from the day they are born, they are learning to walk away… and there is so much truth in that.

I remember when they were just weeks old, I longed for the days that they would be just a little more independent. Just a little easier. Now those days feel closer, and I wish for nothing more but for it to all slow down just a little bit. Sure, there are days that feel impossible, exhausting, and endless… and at the same time, I wish they were just that: endless.

My babies… please stay little for just a little longer.





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