God bless the gentleman at the store that day who tried so hard to help me figure out how to place two carseats with two sleeping babies safely in a grocery cart… it wasn’t happening, but I appreciate your efforts.

And the kind lady who recognized me at the drive-thru window when both of my girls were screaming at the top of their lungs… you probably didn’t hear me, but I gave you the most heartfelt ‘thank you’ when you handed me that iced coffee.

And the sweet woman at the restaurant who seated us in the back corner booth, who told us that she had twins 42 years ago with a smile on her face.

And the nice man in the elevator who told me that it genuinely made him happy just to see us that day, despite it probably being the most obnoxious elevator ride of his life.

These days aren’t perfect. They are FAR from it. I am so grateful for the support of not only those around us, but complete strangers as well. It takes a village, they say.

I’m still learning… and I thank God for the resilience, forgiveness, and unwavering love of children… because I stumble a lot. And I know I won’t ever be perfect. But I hope they know how much I adore them. I hope they always know.


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