I dream of the day when I get to roll out of bed every day and do this.  Somedays, it feels like I’ll never get there.  Somedays, it feels like it’s out of reach.  Somedays, I wonder if it will ever happen at all.  But, in my heart, I know that it will.  I know that it’s worth it.  I know that I’d go to the end of the earth, to make my dream come true.  I truly truly truly cannot wait to wake up every morning and capture your moments.

Meet baby Jordan, my newest little cousin. He is the cutest baby in the whole world (I’ll admit it, I may be a little partial).

Marlee is such a good big sister!

Smiles and lots of love,



  1. Tori says:

    Taylor you do some amazing work! Cutest kids ever! (I might be saying that because they are mine, but still!) Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments for us!

  2. Aunt Theresa says:

    The pictures are awesome! I love the special touch of the guitar, headphones and pic! I LOVE my new little grandbaby and look forward to seeing more pics in the future. Marlee sure did bring an extra smile to my face, too! Both grandchildren are sooooooo beautiful! Now you need to post an online shopping chart to your website so I can place orders. 😉

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