This little guy always leaves a smile on my face.  He is always so wonderful for me… giving me the sweetest of giggles and the most thoughtful of glances.  It has been a pleasure watching him grow and it is so hard to believe that there is only one session left in his Baby’s First Year plan. Incredibly bittersweet.


Smiles and lots of love,



  1. Karis says:

    Love them Taylor, I cant believe theres only one more secession too, thanks so much!

  2. Rachel Tyree says:

    Kaden is such a happy baby. He is so funny to watch while he looks around at people like he is really taking in everything and everyone. I can’t help but smile every time I see him and his pics. His smile is contagious. Love you Gummy Bear. Aunt Rachel

  3. Ta-ah Tyree says:

    Kaden is my handsome grandson. He’s always so happy and smiley. What a little joy. Mamaw and Papaw loves you Kaden!

  4. Darlene Ohl says:

    Kaden is such a sweet baby boy. He brings MawMaw so much joy.

  5. Pat Tracy says:

    Kaden is such a cutie–SMILIN ALL the time. What a sweetie…

  6. Courtney Cook says:

    Kaden is such a handsome little guy! He’s such a happy baby boy! I love to see him smile and giggle.

  7. Marjean Campbell says:

    Such a happy, beautiful little boy!

  8. Eric tyree says:

    Seams like yesturday I was at the hospital waiting on him to get here. Now, it wont be long and we’ll be planning his 1st b-day party, crrraaazzzyy!!!

  9. Brian Frank says:

    Such a cutie.

  10. alaina anoto says:

    What a sweet boy!

  11. Ashley Miller says:

    Such a handsome little fella! Great work, too, Taylor.

  12. Marilyn Sarka says:

    Wow what a cutie and the pictures are great of our GREAT GRANDSON!

  13. Marty Tyree says:

    That’s our little handsome grandson!

  14. Michelle Burd Collene says:

    My cousin Karis and her hubby Eric make beautiful babies!!!

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