You know, I really love what I do. Every aspect of it, actually. With so much pride, I get to create memories.  I get to see parents in awe as I work with their little ones, just marveling at the sole fact that this precious baby is really theirs.  Most of all, I get to love on the freshest of little lives… snuggle and comfort them, pat tiny bottoms, and whisper sweet words in their fuzzy little ears.

I tell them how blessed I am to get to hold them in my arms.  I do my best to explain to them how much they are adored by their parents (and me).  I ask them what they will grow to be and tell them that I’m hopeful they will do great things.  I tell them many things… but, the rest stays between me and the tiniest of my sweet clients.


Big thanks to my very best friend, Sammi, for snapping these for me. I’m so in love with every shot! This is something every photographer should do. It’s so cool to see yourself in action!




  1. Betty says:

    Taylor, I have never met you but your posts always put a smile on my face. There is something special about whi you are as a person. Your friends who know your are truly blessed.
    BTW. Thanks for liking my page, you are the only photographer rhat I liked that liked me back.
    Keep you your awesome work

  2. Chelsea says:

    I just to say that I enjoy every photo you capture, there is a lot of work involved and you do it all beautifully. I cant wait to someday have my family up to meet you and have some memories to share with everyone. You do an amazing job and I think its awesome that you have such a passion for what you do! Keep it up not everyone is so lucky to have such a talent!

  3. Pat Poe says:

    Oh my, Sammi took some amazing pics!!!

  4. Tonya says:

    I absolutely love this post!

  5. Gulzhan says:

    Christmas to you as well!OMG! I’m excited and kpeeing everything crossed hoping your theory is correct, this makes me very Happy,it’s nearly 12 midnight here in nearly Christmas ..I’ll be going to bed get some rest before all the grandchildren wakes up..hope Robert and Kristen are having a wonderful time together!!Merry Christmas to all!thanks RPL!!

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