They brought their sweet little Madalynn to me when she was just a year old.  I remember being so excited to photograph her on my brand new blue chair with my vintage blue beaded necklace.  To say the least, you can imagine how I felt to see that she had the most amazing blue eyes to match my props. I remember her smearing a little of her cake smash frosting on the beads, so I wiped them off and stuck them in my bag.

Fast forward about a year and I get the pleasure to photograph miss Madalynn again… I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when her momma told me that she was expecting TWINS. We finished up the session in the beautiful Summer late light, and I headed home where I began planning for a newborn session times two. Double the fun, right?

And it was. I’m sure you can imagine how I felt when Anthony and Andrew were both sleepy and cooperative. We got through everything I had planned for the boys and snapped a few with their big sister. Some of my very favorite photographs still remain from their newborn session.

Fast forward a little bit. The boys are babbling-babies and Madalynn is soon to be three. You can imagine how I felt during this session, when in order to get the attention of her little brothers, I reached into my bag and pulled out those blue vintage beads.






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