I’ve been photographing weddings for 4 years off and on, but still don’t consider myself to be a wedding photographer.  When I’m there, photographing their special day, I feel more like a friend.  I don’t feel official.  Do I dare say that I don’t even feel professional? I don’t.  Plain and simple, I just feel like a friend.  I laugh alongside them, I *try* to calm their nerves, I cry through their delicate moments, and heck, I even show off my moves on the dance floor.  I feel too involved to just be a photographer.  When I photograph a bride & groom, I feel like I am part of their day… not just some girl with a camera.  I feel like a friend.

When I first met Megan and Joe, I knew they’d be no exception.  I fell in love with them instantly. Okay so, not only are they incredibly BEAUTIFUL, but their LOVE is just as radiant.  I’ve always said that my clients have taught me what it really means to love someone… and well, that statement still rings true.

I’d like to share just some of the highlights from their big day with you.  If you were here with me now, I’d pour you a cup of coffee and start by telling you about the absolutely perfect September weather…

Enjoy. xo


  1. Chrissy says:

    Oh Taylor these are absolutely gorgeous!! Job well done! Just breath taking❤️❤️

  2. Diane says:

    Taylor! These are really, really nice! Love the perspectives!

  3. Diane says:

    These are very nice, Taylor!

  4. Melissa Trombly says:

    Hello! I am interested in hearing about your prices for our wedding August 27, 2016. My phone number is 419.277.8872. Have a great day!

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