Let me start by telling you how blessed I am.  I meet tiny people.  I hold them.  I snuggle them.  I love them.

And I capture them.

And I’d like to thank Julian from Rainbow Tiger Media for capturing me…  I don’t just mean physically, no.  He captured my spirit.  My heart.  This video is worth so much to me.  This video is who I am.  It’s priceless.

As I watched it for the first time, I cried.  The sky… the sky means so much to me for so many reasons.  If you are an avid blog reader of mine, you know that when I see the sky, I see my sister.  She’s just always with me.  Also, it was almost breathtaking to me to watch myself work.  I know that when I’m with a baby and behind that lens, I am totally at home and my own little world all at once… but I’ve never actually SEEN it.  It is absolutely amazing and incredibly stunning to me.

Sure, my blankets could’ve been neatly folded… I could’ve moved that box of client prints out of view… I could’ve organized my hats… I could’ve taped back up the photos I took down for my window display… I could’ve done my hair pretty and got a manicure… but…

that’s not me.

This is me.

(5 points to whoever can point out the poop on my shirt by the end of the session)

Enjoy. 🙂 xo

Taylor Elchert Photography Promo Video from Rainbow Tiger Media on Vimeo.

Also… I am now booking 2014 newborns. 🙂



  1. Lisa says:

    I loved this. So beautiful and touching; I smiled and wiped tears from eyes! I envy you and what you get to do every day, live your passion. And you are undoubtedly so very good at it. Thank you for doing what you do and capturing moments in time of the beauty and love of our simple lives. I know your big sis is so proud and watching over you every day 🙂 keep making memories possible…
    – Lisa Sherman

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