Beautiful little lady, you’re getting big too fast.

I remember when you were just a little peanut, around age 1. You were a willing model then, too. Let’s make sure that never changes… because it is my honor to capture your spirit. In fact, that’s one of my favorite things about having little cousins. And that is absolutely my favorite thing about being a child photographer.

This session was totally spur of the moment… the entire thing was planning in less than five minutes, it lasted about 30 minutes, and it is going down in my books as one of my favorite sessions. The vintage dress belongs to me, and the entire session was stylized by me. I hope that all of my sessions will begin to make this shift very soon because I am loving the result… makes my heart flutter. 🙂



  1. Mary Wuescher says:

    Taylor these are beautiful!!!! You sure captured Mara Lynn!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Taylor thank you for capturing her innocence and free spirit. 7 years has gone by too fast. I will cherish these photos always. I might add this session was short, but never felt rushed. Taylor gets down and dirty (literally) ….in her words it’s “normal”. I feel blessed and so proud to have watch you grow in your art. Mara said “Taylor took our pictures before she was famous” ha ha

  3. K-Wonder says:

    these are beautiful pictures, everything about them. Great job!

  4. Sara Elchert says:

    My baby cousin is adorable!! Taylor you are so amazing at what u do and I can’t wait to have a little one so you can capture our memories for us!

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