IT’S OFFICIAL! I’ve stayed at one location for over a year.

This place, that I refer to as my “second home”, has been mine since June of 2013. It’s not perfect… not even close. But maybe that’s why I love it so much. It’s a work in progress. Kind of like me.

Let me show you around. 🙂


My floors have seen a lot of tiny feet and heavy props…

I didn’t notice it until now, but can you spot the tape on the ceiling? hehe.


I am currently using velcro to store my polypaper. It’s not the greatest storage since I have so many sheets. If you’re a photographer, how do you store your paper?

I need an easy – yet practical – way of storage.


Step into my office… 🙂


The beloved studio-bunny: PETER LOU!

I must say… more people stop in to see him than to see me nowadays. Since he moved in, I’ve sort of become chopped liver, but I would’ve have it any other way.


My photo wall that surrounds the door that leads to the Newborn Studio. In my parents’ home as I grew up, they had a photo wall… one FULL of faces that I loved, similar to this wall.



Welcome to the Newborn Studio!

I’m so grateful to have two separate shooting areas in one studio… it makes planning sessions so much easier and convenient.




The studio is set up so that I can move smoothly through a newborn session: from the beanbag, to a prop floor, to the rug (or the “nest” as my assistant calls it), to another prop floor, and back to the beanbag. All while new mommy & daddy watch and relax from the seating area. 🙂


Welcome to prop room #1…

both of the prop rooms remain untouched, as in, the only thing I’ve done to “remodel” is run a vacuum.


I love my creepy prop room. No really, that’s what my assistant and I refer to it as. 🙂

I also have an additional storage space that you saw in my first photo at the top of this blog.

I truly love this space… all of it’s imperfections and nooks and crannies. It’s a weird space, but it works. It has been the home of many late nights, early mornings, and everything in between… from upset toddlers to perfectly sleepy newborns to a silly bunny-rabbit. If these walls could talk, I wonder what they would say.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I love to see others’ spaces. 🙂 Yours is soooo you! 🙂

  2. Kyle says:

    Your creativity is outta this world!

  3. Thank you for this Taylor. It is a beautiful inspiration. In a week, I’m moving into my studio space and am so excited to fill it with color, creativity and so much love. You’ve sent me over the top with excitement!

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