Something has been on my mind a lot lately… and that is creating images that will mean SOMETHING for a lifetime.  I create so many photos (and that might be an understatement).  As I sit here at my desk on this rainy mid-July morning, I take a peek around my office.  There’s Keira smiling down at her little sister, Jayci giving me her signature ‘tude’ look, and three brothers lovingly hugging their momma… and too many more to list.

These images are moments in time that can never be repeated. And as these children grow and the years pass, these photographs will only become more priceless. For that reason, every time I click the shutter, two words are in my mind: “a lifetime”. It is my hope and my dream that the artwork that I am so fortunate to create will be treasured for a lifetime, and maybe even longer than that.

So… here is miss Sophia. When her momma told me about this vision that she had of Sophia wearing her wedding dress, I couldn’t wait to make it come to life for her.  Many years down the road, these photographs will be displayed at Sophia’s wedding. These are images will truly be treasured for a lifetime. What a blessing that is to me. <3


Love her thoughtful expression…


In this one, can almost hear her saying, “where’s the play a-wee-ah” (area)… hehe.


Isn’t she beautiful?





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