The other night, I took my best friend to one of my favorite places in the whole world. Basically, it’s a rock on the edge of a creek, just big enough to comfortably fit two people. I love it. When we got there, I was bummed to see that the creek was so high, that the rock was no longer along the edge – it was more towards the middle of the creek.  I complained, “we can’t get to it unless we are prepared to get soaked.  I am NOT going out there”. But she kept walking, and I followed close behind.  As we approached my beloved rock, she pointed out several rocks poking out of the water nearby.  Stepping stones.

So we sat on the rock in my favorite place in world, ate ice cream and laughed loud as we watched the sun go down.

My friend said these words to me, ironically: “I don’t know if you fully understand how much sunshine you have brought into my life”. Ironic because, if it weren’t for her, I would have never made it to the rock.

So, one friend to another, I wanted to share a bit of sunshine with you today… in the form of a spunky newly 4 year old and tall sunflowers. I’ve had this dress in the studio closet for the past three years or so, and have not photographed it once until I spotted these sunflowers and knew it was meant for her. Sweet Stella, you are my sunshine!


They didn’t smell as sweet as she was hoping 😉


But she is simply as sweet as can be!


My favorite…





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