I can hardly believe it. Six months have passed since my precious Cordelia came into the world and blessed our family. She is the absolute sweetest baby, and it is safe to say we are ALL absolutely smitten with her. Rosalie and Eloise cannot get enough of her and the feeling is 100% mutual.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about time lately… maybe because I feel like I have unwillingly inherited a lot of it right now. I feel like I hear the phrase, “time is a thief” quite often, and I even felt tempted to write it here, but you know… I beg to differ. I believe time is the greatest giver. Whether my perception of it seems long or short, it has given me the most precious gifts. Time has a way of showing me what really matters.

I cannot think about time without thinking about my sister. Her time here was short and so very sweet. She was given 18 years. I was part of four of those. After she was gone, my four-year-old mind had already began to grasp the meaning of time. But it wasn’t until I turned 18 that I realized how incredibly short her time truly was. Now she’s been gone longer than she was here, and truly, it doesn’t seem possible. I have to wonder what Casey would say about time… and I feel like part of me already knows.

Sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it feels like it is dragging. Embrace it in both. Appreciate the past and treasure those memories, but keep your grip light. Plan for the future while knowing it isn’t promised. Be present in each moment and welcome change whole-heartedly.

So here we are, my precious girl. Six months earth-side. You are such an observer, always watching and taking everything in. Nothing gets you more excited than when a cat is nearby. And you prefer to sleep nuzzled against me through the night. There are a million things about you that make my heart sing. It is tempting to say that time has taken your newborn days… but not really. It gave me those, too. Just like it is giving me your precious baby-hood, and your sisters’ joyous toddlerhood. And the beautiful moments and memories I have with your cherished Aunt Casey.

I can’t thank God for every single minute without also thanking Him for the gift of time itself.



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