I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I’m just not. I prefer to view my goals as fluid – continually shifting and adapting to my circumstances. This may be a bit irrational and probably over-thought, but the thought of setting one major goal for the year makes me feel boxed in.

There was a big trend amongst my photography groups that caught my attention, though. At the start of the year, many of my fellow photographers were setting one word that would be the theme for the year. Many chose words such as “growth”, “education”, and “strength”… all really great ideas.

But the only word that came to mind for me was this: transition.

I wasn’t exactly sure why that word was the one to pop into my thoughts, and I certainly had no idea at the time what that word would mean to me today, just three months later. As we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, that word has dug deep into my soul. And I have been reevaluating nearly every facet of my life. I refuse to emerge from all of this unchanged, and like many others, I don’t think I even have that option anyway.

As for exactly what this transition looks like, my heart is still navigating those waters. But I know this: my business is going to look different… both on the surface and deep within. It’s going to look more like… me.

And it feels… good. Scary. But good.

These images are of my twins playing with shaving cream. Keeping kids happy in quarantine… whatever works… 🙂




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