There are absolutely no words that can describe how utterly solaced my heart feels, knowing that I’ll be back behind the lens tomorrow. I took this week off to finalize college stuff… financial aid, school shopping, *insert the rest of the boring school-related stuff here*. You know what’s funny about it? I took 5 days off, and it’s still not done. All of it makes me anxious. Panicked, even. Tonight started with an email which led to frustration which led to tears. If only life were as easy as a camera. Something constant. Consistent. Permanent. If the outcome of a photograph isn’t my vision, it’s easy… Easy as changing a shutter speed or aperture… pushing some buttons and perfection is right there in your hands…

Change. Not a big fan in case you haven’t collected that already. Someone told me once that if nothing changed, we wouldn’t have butterflies. They’re right. I’m patiently waiting for my butterflies.

Wish me luck.




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