The goal was to encourage and be encouraged, and although the night didn’t go exactly as planned, I think the goal was accomplished. 🙂

Big thanks to everyone who attended; it was so heart-warming to see the public come in and admire the faces of many beautiful women. Also, I absolutely love company… I love to host and entertain, so I’m in total heaven when friends stop by.  My favorite part of the entire evening though, were the mommies who brought their young daughters along with them. The precious little girls scribbled their sweet compliments with wobbly hands and tiny fingers. And when I watched them reaching for the portrait with their love note in hand, I couldn’t help but to hope that as they grow, this small event helps them look at themselves with love in this tough world. Sticky note reminders on their sweet hearts.

To everyone who entered a selfie- I admire your bravery. I admire your beauty. I hope you see yourself in a new light.

To those of you who wrote me sweet notes, messages, and Facebook comments- Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am incredibly blessed to have you in my life.



  1. Nasima says:

    It does get easier, but doesn’t make it any less htnrebreakiag in the process. I remember when I took my first to daycare and called to check in on her and could hear her bawling in the background. I would just close the door to my office and cry at work. Now she’s the most social little girl ever. I just hope it will be a bit easier when I take my son to a new daycare soon. But if not, I know we’ll get through it, and so will you. Thinking of you, and love your blog

  2. Qué curioso que se acabe este blog, justo después de los últimos post (+ comentarios) en los que se daba algo de caña a la industria editorial, olvidando el pasteleo de otros momentos… en fin, seguiremos el Kafka ése, s ino queda más remedio… por lo menos han tenido la inteligencia de escribir en negro sobre fondo blanco, no como algunos de El Sindicato, a los que se ve que no les llega ni para algo tan obvio…Hala, a cascarla…

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