Hello, third trimester! Aside from the hip/back pain, the 7 million trips to the bathroom during the day and night (Baby A is always snuggled right up against my bladder), and the dull ache in my ribs that comes and goes through the day (Baby B occasionally likes to use my ribs as monkey-bars… no big deal), I still think that being pregnant with twins is actually pretty cool. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Three cookies in one sitting – That’s right, folks. I now have the perfect excuse for indulging in three cookies at a time: one for Baby A, one for Baby B, and one for myself, of course.
  2. Frequent ultrasounds – being considered “high risk” is certainly scary, but it also means that I get to see my babies quite often. I now have an ultrasound every two weeks, which will soon become once a week up until delivery.
  3. Double the cute – What is cuter than one adorable baby outfit? TWO adorable baby outfits! I have also used this as an excuse to allow myself to splurge on headbands. Oh… the headbands. I’m on my phone scrolling through Etsy pretty much every evening. My husband always asks, “headbands again?”
  4. The sibling bond – Even before I’ve even officially met them, their bond already warms my heart. When I see them snuggled together during an ultrasound (and occasionally kicking each other) it absolutely melts me.
  5. Life’s greatest surprise – I NEVER thought I would have twins on the way. It still totally blows my mind when I think about it. When I see TWO babies on the ultrasound screen… twenty little toes and twenty little fingers… my breath is taken away every time. I’m sure my life will be full of surprises, but this one is the greatest by far.



28 weeks with my sweet, darling girls.



  1. Michelle. ( Mimi). Elchert Battin says:

    I can hardly wait to meet you all

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